The Last Xmas is the post-apocalyptic Christmas song from prolific composer Steve Blood. Producer and sometime remixer of acts as diverse as The Cardigans and Africa Bambaata. As a young boy in the early 1970s Steve wanted to be an Astronaut after seeing an Apollo X1 spacesuit on school trip to Jodrell Bank. Christmas’s were frequently white, and the snowy landscapes around the Peak District town of Buxton were as close to moon-scapes as you could get.

A black and white photo of two boys dressed as spacemen play in the snow
A black and white photo of two boys dressed as spacemen play in the snow

The Last Xmas is a post-apocalyptic Christmas song. Quite literally, it’s the last Xmas. An unexplained event has happened and things as we know it have come to an end. ‘The time’s we had, they an’t coming back.’ An emotive song for the end of the world. It’s set at Christmas, in the not-to-distant future, a melancholy voice sings about his fond memories of Christmas past, and the realisation that the good times are behind us. Post-apocalyptic or simply a yearning for simpler times? The video may give you the answer.

In the video for The Last Xmas, a Spaceman walks London’s empty streets carrying with him in a child’s pink rucksack, a selection of found objects; some matches, a battery-powered toy car, a cassette-player, an audio cassette, a Barbie doll and some polaroid images.

Alone in an apartment high above the city streets he sorts through the objects trying to connect with memories of a past that can no longer be with us.

The video for The Last Xmas was hot in Shoreditch, Primrose Hill, St. Pauls and the Millennium Bridge in London on the weekend of 8th – 10th November 2019 by Manchester’s Split The Atom.